Past Projects




2014 CHOC Fabrication of Buoyancy Tanks 1.3MT
Fabrication of Type 1 & 2 Upending Suport
Castoro 8 Firing Line Toilet Refurbishment
Fbrication of Platform Type 1 & 5
Castoro 10 Supply of Arrowheads
Fabrication of Davits and BT
2008 Castoro 8 B15 Doors for Accommodation Cabins
Furniture for Mess & Recreation Rooms
Floor Renewal for Additional Area
Curtain shop Accommodation Fabrication
Accommodation Repairs Various
Flooring Repair Works
Common Washroom Refurbishment
Fabrication of Shelters for Tensioners
Accommodation upgrading works to ADOT Standard
Accommodation Electrical Works Upgrading
Pipe Laying Works and Shelter Fabrication
Semac 1 Metal Storage Bin Fabrication
2009 North Belut Platform Fabrication of Link Beam & Light Skid Beam
Semac 1 Maintainence and Upgrade of Common Toilets
Quality Assurance Office Upgrade
Accommodation Works
Upgrade of Cabins – P1, P3, S1, S3, P20, P22 & P52
2009 Castoro 10 AWTI Platform & Shelter Fabrication
2010 Semac 1 Fabrication of Waste Skip
2011 Scarabeo 9 Skip Container Fabrication
PNG LNG EPC-2 Quality Control Instruments Repair and Supply
2012 Castoro 1 Fabrication of NDT Container
Supply of Consumables/Spare Parts